Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Business Travel Make Easy

ClayPlay effectively improves your Business Travel. ClayPlay expertise and 24*7 supports help corporate accounts to Comfort their business trip and manage it well. Our Concierge Service not only helps you save cost but also makes your Business Travel stress free. You don't want travel hassles on a Business Trip. Detailed reporting and oversight of all corporate trips. View bookings by business traveller, destination or custom labels to make better decisions for future business trips.

Not all trips are for fun, Business Travels are planned periodically. ClayPlay helps you organize your business trips exactly the way you want. The optimized way for handling your business trip hustles.

Corporate travel should be expense effective, and that’s what ClayPlay does for you, helping you organize your trips cost effectively, taking notes of all your travel expenses and generating invoice receipts. ClayPlay helps you arrange everything from tickets for your employees to emergency canceling.

ClayPlay not only manages the all-round complications but we also provide customized payment cycles for our clients. We look after your travel approval processes. We provide Global Payment option for Multi-National Ventures.

Still worried about your travel plans? Just consult ClayPlay and have your queries resolved!!